Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sorry again for the absence, I kept having issues with my browser (firefox), but it's sorted out for now.  Charlie's learned kissy noises now and Sonny has been such a cute little munchkin for us lately. He lies on his back in my hand and clutches my finger like a baby.

Tanjiro has been feeding Charlie so much that now Charlie doesn't even touch her seed dish any more.  It's so cute how he's a great dad to her, he just adores baby birds. I remember when Sonny first joined the family, Tanjiro was such a great daddy to him, feeding him and looking after him, it's so sweet. Poor old Buster did the same for Tanjiro when we brought him home, dear old Buster was so ill but he still found the energy to look after the new baby and it was so touching.

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