Thursday, 30 August 2012

Good to be back!

I'm sorry if I haven't updated in a while, I've been very ill again and very busy. I'm feeling better now though. Those little rascals have figured out how to get out their cages by themselves and it's caused no end of headaches for us! Sonny's getting his king feathers soon and he'll be a gorgeous boy when he does. Tanjiro lets us pat him like a kitten and Sonny lies back in my hand allowing me to support his head. He also sleeps in my arms and lets me rock him to sleep. Charlie bit my lip the other day and it wouldn't stop bleeding!

Charlie has figured out how to make cute "chook chook" noises like the clever girl she is! Now we nickname her "chook chook" or "chicky" and she's really calmed down since we first brought her home. She's a wonderful little bird and I love her very much.

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