Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello and welcome to this new blog about my experiences in raising budgies over the years. For me, it all started with Collin, a lovely light blue budgie who lived until he was 12 (he died when I was about 3). Then there was Petey, then Pickles (one day, mum opened the door to empty his seed on the lawn and he flew away). Then along came Buster and Beyoncé. Buster was a stunning green and yellow budgie with a very cheeky personality. I remember the first time I held him, the wiggling green and yellow baby wrapped in a yellow tea-towel just melted my heart. Sadly, we lost him last year. After a battle with illness, we made the heart-breaking decision to have our little fellow put down. I'm glad he hung around long enough to have 2 girlfriends and welcome baby Tanjiro to the family. I don't have any photos of Beyoncé or Paris Winter that I can upload as I don't have a scanner.

Yellow and green bird- Buster, blue one- Tanjiro

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