Monday, 13 August 2012

I was meant to see the doctor today but woke up feeling like a zombie and my nose was very swollen and painful and I didn't think I'd manage a car trip without feeling sick. At least it gave me a chance to get some sleep and play with Charlie. I gave her a cuddle today and she bit me, cheeky little blighter! I managed to get my camera going long enough to take some photos of her but there was nothing remotely good to upload.

Charlie's so cheeky and clever, she comes over to me and wants to sit by the computer and play Age of Empires or look at cute kittens with her mummy. She sits there squawking and carrying on and it's so cute. I don't even go near her and she plays up! She makes a big noise for something so little. The boys sat on her cage for a good hour or so today, with Sonny talking away to Tanjiro, who was more interested in preening Charlie's bum through the cage or sicking up in her beak.

just because it's cute, here's a picture of blue by eyeing up my dinner a few weeks ago!

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