Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Well, the birds wouldn't shut up today but they're all tuckered out now and tucked up to sleep. The fat lard Tanji ripped the peg from Charlie's cage and pecked her mirror then went around to the other side and pecked the abacus so it fell down! Needless to say, Tanjiro's in the "sin bin" now, the little bugger. I didn't get to watch the cartoons and kids' shows with my babies, sadly, but hopefully if I can get up early tomorrow we can spend time together. I'm a fan of shows like Superhero Squad and Big Babies and so are the birds, they get all excited when they hear the theme music. I also love Good Game SP, Hex is awesome and very funny. I enjoy spending that time being a big kid again, eating Coco Pops and cheering on Thor and Iron Man and The Hulk.

Playing in mummy's knitting
I'm knitting a scarf for my sister's cat to wear when she goes for a walk so she doesn't get cold. I've also got to knit a special pink blanket for my baby Charlie to snuggle her in.

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