Sunday, 12 August 2012

Not much happened today, apart from another of Charlie's epic brat tantrums! How can something so small and cute make such a noise? Had a good time hugging Tanjiro and cuddling Sonny in his little blanket.  Unfortunately, I could not take any photos of the rascals today as now I need a new sim card in my phone to even access my stupid gallery. The card I currently have has seen 6 or 7 different phones in about 5 years and is very damaged. I can't use my camera to take photos, as that's stuffed too. Don't buy Sony cameras, mine didn't even last 2 years!

one of Charlie's epic squawking fits

dad playing with his beloved little princess, Charlie
Charlie's doing very well despite the squawking, she's grown up so much and Tanjiro adores her. She's come a long way from the tiny, frightened baby I brought home from the pet store last month. She has a taste for human flesh (especially if it means getting blood from us XD) and responds to her name now. I think soon she'll figure out how to say "hello Charlie" like a clever girl. Don't listen to anyone who tells you girl birds can't talk, Paris Winter used to tell us to "F*** off".

Dear little Sonny got shut down today when he wanted a kiss from Dad, Dad was having none of it so poor little Sonny had to go back in his cage without a kiss :(

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