Saturday, 11 August 2012

Yesterday I had fun cuddling little Sonny at the computer. Tanjiro sat with me as I ate my toast with berry jam and it was lovely to spend that time with him, his chirps are so cute. Sonny's learning to bite again, he nipped me when I went to kiss him. I haven't had the chance to chase Charlie around the past 2 days, but I can't wait to give her a cuddle in her blanky.

my baby girl all snuggly in her blanket

I'm glad I have my 3 birds, I don't go outside much because I get sick a lot and if it wasn't for having birds around to keep me busy, I probably would have ended up in Graylands by now. It seems like just yesterday I came home from school and met my lovely blue boy Tanji. Mum and Dad had to pick me up from school early so I could go home and get ready for a doctor's appointment. I went inside and there was the most beautiful blue budgie I had ever seen sitting on the coffee table, looking at me.

I'd say this was about August/September last year.
I love cute budgies, especially wee babies, they're so fluffy and snuggly once you teach them not to bite. At the time, we still had dear old Buster. He took a real shine to Tanjiro, playing daddy for him. he fed him, played with him, preened him and "sung" to him. Buster had a strong paternal instinct like Tanjiro does.

When we first brought home Sonny in October last year, Tanjiro adored him. he fed him and looked after him just as Buster had done for him. Buster, you taught him well, it's a shame you couldn't be around to meet little Sonny and Charlie.

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