Monday, 20 August 2012

I had a lovely day spending time with all the birds. I snuggled Sonny this morning, gave charlie a cuddle this evening and shared some vegetables from my pizza with Tanjiro about 3 hours ago. Charlie got a lovely pink blanky from me today and she adores it.

She is falling asleep in that photo, isn't it cute? I just need to knit another blanket and each bird will have their own blanky to snuggle in. I'm so proud of Charlie, I remember when she used to start squawking if we so much as walked past her cage. She's settled in so well now.

In other news, mum has her own deviantArt account now for photography and drawings (when I get convince her to do some).

We met the nice man who will be moving in next to us soon, his name is Peter and he'll be replacing our old fence with something nicer than the hideous grey fences we've had for the past 15 years. Peter has a nice wife called Lynne and his son says he knows my dad from when he referees soccer games at the park and has seen my dad wearing the orange vest. Peter has a cute little cat apparently, so I can't wait for them to move in so I can take photos of their furry little friend.

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